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The Worlds #1 Super Food

Sea Moss is packed  with 90% of vitamins and minerals your body needs.  Our products are 100% Organic Wild Crafted from the Caribbean Shore of Jamaica.

Sundried, cleaned and propperly prepped and served in our convenient straight sided securely sealed 16 oz Jars.

-Boosts Immunity.

Sea Moss helps boost immunity especially during flu season. It contains potassium iodide which is potent in dissolving dry phlegm that is blocking the airway. It is also rich in amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin C to fight against inflammation. 

- Eating Seamoss Helps to Promote a Healthy Thyroid.

 The thyroids is responsible for supporting and maintaining healthy and effective function in the Digestive system, Heart Cholesterol levels, Brain, mood and hormone balance, Bones Muscle control Reproductive, organs, Metabolism.

- Seamoss Nourishes Hair, Skin and Nails

Full of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, seamoss will also help strengthen the connective tissues in hair and nails. When you  are eating seaweed everyday, the minerals are absorbed from the inside out. All these benefits enhance the matrix in the hair, skin, and nails will start to regenerate from the inside out.

- Increases Energy levels 

Sea Moss has high levels of B vitamins. Riboflavin (B2) helps breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Folate (B9) aids in the production of the DNA and genetic materials.